Thursday, September 19, 2019

Chalk it up to old age!

My last post was a few days ago-the 16th to be exact-and it was about a silly pet peeve regarding people's lack of accuracy when sending emails and other kinds of messages.

It just occurred to me that I completely neglected three important family events that happened during that time period.

First, on September 14th our family welcomed it's newest teenager-grand daughter Courtney turned 13.  That leaves Cole & Nicholas yet to achieve that dubious milestone. 

Second & Third-September 16th two wedding anniversaries to acknowledge.  Sandi & I became a rare breed with 52 years married-to the same person no less.  Then in the same year Courtney was born-2006-our son Peter & his wife Jen got married making 13 years for them.

So happy birthday and anniversary and my apologies to anyone I missed.

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