Friday, September 27, 2019


Several months ago I wrote a blog arguing against impeachment.  Basically it said since the republican Senate would never go along there was no sense doing it.  Let's just wait for the election.

With recent events continuing to unfold, I've changed my mind. I like to keep things simple so here's the really simple explanation of what happened:  A person-aka whistle blower-overheard Trump tell the president of Ukrain that unless he investigated Joe Biden, his foreign aid would dry up.  Trump then went on to suggest that if he ever found out who the main source is, they're as good as dead.  That's it.  So we have a president using a foreign power to further his own political aims.  Completely illegal not to mention unbelievably immoral.  And now we have a republican senate who seems to be OK with this.  Can you imagine if Obama pulled a stunt like that?

Impeach him and let the chips fall where they may.  If the republicans don't go along with it, they can explain to their constituency why they support a criminal.  Of course a good part of the republican base will take the same attitude as the senate but many won't-maybe enough to make a difference.

Do the right thing, democrats.  You'll be stronger for it.

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