Monday, March 31, 2008

Sounds like....

Have you been listening closely to John McCain lately? Isn't he beginning to sound more and more like Junior? Incorrectly identifying various groups, relying on others to correct him, contradictions about economic issues, obvious lack of knowledge in other areas. I'm beginning to think that a vote for McCain is a vote for another four years of Bush & Cheney. Tis a dilemma!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lost Cause

I recently had the misfortune  of traveling on the local
interstate at about 5:30 P.M. Rush hour.
It was a sea of cars and trucks. This nation’s love
with motor vehicles is hopeless. The price of gas and
is going up and up yet we continue to drive, drive, drive.
And not just drive-but drive gas guzzlers. This whole
shortage/gas price thing is barely making a dent.
OK, granted, this is a big country and people have to
get around.
I get that.
It’s what we’re driving that I don’t get. Believe me.
I’m as guilty as the
\ rest. I just bought a 2008 Dodge 1500 pickup with
a 375 horse
power Hemi V8! I only put on about 5200 miles a year
at best
but still this thing gets about 14 miles per gallon.
Yet, I love it. It’s big, powerful and good looking
and I’ll
be able to continue to do all the stuff around my yard
that I
always do-fire wood, mulch, dump runs for 2 families and a
business, lend it to relatives who need a piece of furniture
moved, etc. So I'm no different than anyone else.
Let's face it.
We love our cars (and trucks). That's why we have to stay in
Iraq. So that we can eventually take over the country and
confiscate it's oil fields. (Relax I'm only kidding-sort of).

Friday, March 21, 2008

The slow disappearance of an important activity

While driving to my son’s house the other day, I was reminded of an article I read in the NY Times Magazine section a couple of weeks ago. My son lives in a large neighborhood which I happen to know houses hundreds of children of all ages. I also happen to know that there was early closing in the elementary schools that day. I expected that because it was mid afternoon I would have to be especially cautious of kids playing all over the place-in the yards, streets, where ever. I had nothing to worry about. It was as though the entire region had been evacuated. I’ve been through that neighborhood hundreds of times and it’s always the same.
Now to the article cited above. It was about play-ordinary unorganized, random play. Most of the article talked about the large amount of research being done and the attempt of the scientific community to connect play to some sort of evolutionary adaptive behavior. In the end however the author-correctly in my opinion-concluded that play served two purposes. It was a way for children to develop social skills and solve problems but it was also just plain fun. Why aren’t kids doing it anymore?
When I sub at the local elementary school I ask kids this question. Their response is always the same: they’re too busy. Too busy with video games; too busy with dance lessons; too busy with music lessons; too busy with sports of all kinds; just too busy. On a related note I also observed that in the dozens of yards I pass there wasn’t a single sand box. That’s right, a sand box. That’s the first thing I built for my kids. Many hours of great fun were spent in that sand box with bulldozers, dump trucks, backhoes and power shovels. When I ask kids about it, they look at me horrified as though I suggested they play hopscotch in the fast lane of an interstate highway.
Play is an extremely important part of childhood-and some would say adulthood-but more so for kids. It’s even disappearing in schools. Just ask any teacher how much pressure they get to make recesses shorter. Too much to do. Got to get ready for those tests. I’m convinced society will come to regret this trend.
And so that’s the end of this random musing of an old old-fashioned person.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

massive blunder

Exactly 5 years ago today this nation embarked on one of the most tragic foreign policy blunders of its time. The real blunder is that when it became apparent that the Bush/Cheney administration was making a huge mistake, the Congress of the United States went along. Shame on all of you who had a hand in this. Let's hope we elect someone next year who changes the course of events.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Should Barack Obama be held responsible or judged harshly for the remarks of Rev. Jeremiah Wright? I say no. And for those who think otherwise, just think of all the people (relatives included) with whom you're associated who hold obnoxious or hateful opinions. Is it fair that you be judged on the basis of those people? I'm sure you would say no. The same rule of logic applies to Obama.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Top o' the mornin' to ya' and a happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Well, it's official. Mr. Bush has announced the economy is "having a bit of a tough time right now". There, now aren't your reassured??

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So....What does one make of former disgraced Gov. of NY Eliot Spitzer? Rich beyond reason, great wife (I guess), 3 daughters, governor of an important state-a position many have used as a springboard to bigger and better things. Caught in a Federal prostitution sting. I mean where do you even begin to assess the damage he's done? First and foremost to his wife and daughters. I mean, what could he have been thinking? Obviously, thinking was the last thing he was doing. It's mind boggling-absolutely mind boggling!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Grand children

I just read somewhere that Warren Buffet is the richest man in the world.
I beg to differ. Anyone who can walk into a house and have a little girl rush at him yelling 'grandpa, grandpa, grandpa" and through her arms around him is the richest man in the world!

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