Wednesday, February 12, 2020

And we're off....albeit, a little stumble out of the gate.

 Well, the primary season is here-for the Democrats at least since the republicans seem to think they're going to be OK with their pig...oops, I mean guy.

The primaries have definitely gotten off to a rough start with the fiasco in Iowa but for what it's worth the Iowa caucus is over rated anyway.  New Hampshire went much more smoothly but there again it's over rated. 

It's not until Super Tuesday that we'll have a much better idea who the candidate will be.  I just hope the dems can keep it together.  They are a pesky bunch and they have a nasty habit of making a mess out of the political process.  But this one is important-maybe the most important election this nation has ever had.  Trump is an unmitigated disaster and he has got to go so don't blow it, guys-or gals. 

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