Thursday, August 29, 2019

Another hurricane headed our way

Owning a condo in Florida is a two-edged sword.  On the upside we're lucky enough to have a place for us and the family to go to pretty much when ever we want to enjoy-usually-beautiful weather and beaches.

The downside is of course in the news as we speak.  The threat of a hurricane.  The last storm to impact us directly was Irma and as hurricanes go it could have been a lot worse.  Our condo association is still dealing with carport issues even after 3 years but our condo in particular sustained very little damage which I was able to fix myself.

Now it's wait and see for Dorian which is expected to hit land as a cat 4 storm.  That's very serious but with any luck at all,  for us at least,  it's track seems to be taking a northerly route thereby pretty much missing the Naples area on the west coast.  But who knows? 

More on this Monday when much more will be known.

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