Sunday, February 28, 2016


One of the most difficult things there is to do for anyone around children for any length of time is to explain loss.  Our family encountered this for the first time with children on the day of the Sandy Hook School tragedy.  While most of the grand children were too young at the time to really fathom what had happened there were two of them that struggled with it.

The most recent example of this was two days ago when a little boy in my grandson's second grade class suddenly died of massive brain bleed.  This happened this past Thursday.  The boy was a good friend of my grandson.

Naturally this caused a great deal of upset with the school community especially since they're still struggling with 12/14 but it caused lots of anger and confusion with my grandson.  He is struggling to make sense of how God could let something like this happen.

That of course is an age-old question to which there is no answer.  But you know kids.  They want answers.  So all we can do is say bad things sometimes happen and the best we can do is move forward trying to enjoy what we have.

Not very comforting, I admit and maybe someone trained with this issue could do a better job but I don't really know how.  So move forward is what we'll do and hope that suffices.

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