Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer time reading

Some people don't mind working or even just being outside during the summer.  I'm not one of them.  I have much more tolerance for cold weather than very hot.

Since we are now in the middle of summer and quickly heading for the 'dog days' of August, I tend to do more reading than other times throughout the year.

Here's a list of some of the books I've read.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by British author Helen Simonson.  A lot of very dry British humor.  A great book.

The Clifton Chronicles by British author Jeffrey Archer.  I've read the first four.  There are seven planned with number five coming out early next year.  A very good, entertaining read.

McNally's Trial by Lawrence Sanders.  The McNally series numbers about a dozen.  They're great books about a south Florida private investigator named Archie McNally who has a variety of adventures.  I've read all of them a long time ago but when I'm filling in waiting for something else, these books keep me going.

The Fighting McCooks by Charles and Barbara Whalen.  A true story about 17 men from one family who all served in the Civil War.  If you're a civil war buff, you'll love it.

The Smoke At Dawn by Jeff Shaara.  Shaara picked up where his father, Michael, left off with Killer Angels.  This particular book is about the western campaign in the civil war.  It's written as a novel. He writes about the civil war and world war II.  Good for history buffs.

McNally's Risk-see above.  I'm almost finished with this and it's a good thing because my next one just arrived in the mail. 

Next up: The Keillor Reader by Garrison Keillor.  More Lake Woebegone stories.  Keillor is an excellent writer, funny, observant and highly entertaining.

That's it for now. 

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