Monday, July 21, 2014

Dog sitting

While Mike, Becky and the girls are in Ocean City with the rest of the Sullivan clan, we have the pleasure of watching their 12 year old lab, Lacey.  We've watched her many times in the past along with my son's boxer, Sadie,  although not at the same time since Lacey does not tolerate Sadie's enthusiasm very well these days.

At any rate, as evidenced by this picture,  when left alone Lacey does not lose an opportunity to remind us that she is with us. Hence the mess she presented to me Monday morning when I returned after being out for a few hours.  I had forgotten  to barricade her in the family room where she doesn't do any harm so she helped herself to the kitchen garbage container. 

She can be seen here with her stuffed animal, looking very contrite-sort of.  Unlike many others, this is a mistake I won't repeat!

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