Sunday, November 21, 2010

Airport Oddities

I arrived at the airport early Friday to pick up Mike, Becky & the girls so I sat on the chairs situated at the foot of the escalators in the baggage area to wait for them.

I had a good time people watching (I forgot my reading glasses so couldn't read anything).

I observed a number of interesting things.

First, two security people walked by me. One was a man who appeared to be in his late 60s and seriously over weight.

The other was a middle aged woman who was literally morbidly obese.

Neither of them made me feel safer.

Another interesting thing I observed was new arrivals coming down the escalator. Practically everyone of them walked up to the arrivals/departures boards to see which luggage conveyor had their stuff.

The thing is the arrival/departure boards don't give that information. Plus, as they were standing there trying to figure it out, there was an announcement telling them where their luggage would be.

Just goes to show. No one listens to all those announcements that are always going on at Airports.

On a similar note, at the foot of the up escalator is a sign saying if passengers have wheeled luggage, they have to take the elevator.

No one paid one bit of attention that either. It was sometimes kind of comical watching people struggle to get several pieces of luggage onto the escalator.

Finally, you can always tell where people are coming from by the way they're dressed. There I was in my shorts and jersey watching people walk in as I had just the day before in long pants & a sweat shirt. Some people even had winter jackets. I learned they were from Buffalo. Brrrrrr.........

Next will be my observations of silly things I see on the beach!

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Unknown said...

Airports, beaches, and malls are the best places to people watch.

However, that reminds me of the time my husband and I had to leave a restaurant early because we got tickle, watching a guy eat, and couldn't stop laughing.

Hummmmm, wonder if I can work this into a blog entry?