Monday, July 26, 2010

A Conversation With Courtney

First, a little back ground.

Yesterday, Courtney, Brooke and Cole were in town to see the horse show at Fairfield Hills and then go swimming at our house. Later, at home, Courtney & Brooke were instructed by their father to go to the bathroom before getting in the pool.

In the mean time Courtney needed to have her swim goggles adjusted but when she asked her father to do it he said not until she went to the bathroom as previously instructed.

Herewith to the best of my recollection is the conversation that followed between Courtney and me.

Courtney: Grandpa, do you feel bad?
Me: Why, no. I feel fine. Why should I feel bad?
C: Well you should. Daddy hurt my feelings.
Me: How did that happen?
C: He told me to go to the bathroom first.
Me: Well, I guess you better do that, don't you think?
C: Well, I think you should feel bad for me. Now you hurt my feelings!

Then she brushed past me and went into the bathroom.

Moments later of course all was forgotten.

Life with an almost-four year old.

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