Monday, April 5, 2010

The Life of An Actor

Today was a great day with my two best little girls. This morning Courtney and I went to Mathies Memorial Park in Beacon Falls. We played on the slides, swings and see-saws. Then we spent a fair amount of time trying to sneak up on geese to pet them but they were too sharp for us. Finally, we went to a picnic table and she assigned me jobs for when we returned home. On the way back to the truck she tripped and scraped her foot. I bandaged it with a first aide kit I had in the truck. Then we went home. After we picked up Brooke, we had lunch and then Courtney took her nap. The afternoon was spent with me switching back and forth from being Keila-my usual identity-to the school nurse. As the school nurse, I was responsible for administering an eye exam for Brianna (Brooke). We finally determined that none of the four sun glasses she was trying were suitable so I had to write a prescription for the appropriate glasses. Brianna went on her computer, ordered them and-presto!-there they were. She tried reading the eye chart with her new glasses and they were perfect. That problem being resolved we turned to show-and-tell. She had a Yoo Hoo hamster and I had a dull old ball. Then Brianna's (still Brooke) daddy came home and I left to do more mundane chores e.g. get gas, pick up a scrip, get a box of wine, get epoxy for the deck and swing set, all very dull stuff by comparison. All in all a great day with two sweet little girls. And to think, tomorrow I get to be with my two best little boys!! There's nothing like being a grand parent:)

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gael lynch said...

Just imagine if the chores were all you had to do! One playing the nurse, would Nurse Stemple be the role model there?