Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yet Another Great Day

Every day I get to spend with grand children is a great day and yesterday was no exception. Yesterday I got to spend the day with my 5 year old grand daughter at the Peabody Museum. We visit every exhibit with special emphasis on the infectious diseases section which holds special interest for Brooke. On the way home she treated me to lunch which she thought was the neatest thing! After reading about the amount of money spent on the recent elections (NYC Mayor Bloomberg spent $140 million of his own money), I was reminded that it really doesn't take a whole lot of money to have a good time. This is an ideal that seems to be lost in current American culture. Too bad. I'm sure people who haven't learned this lesson are finding these difficult economic times even more stressful.

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Tim said...

Isn't that place simple and great? My kids love the Peabody! They were mesmerized the whole time.
Simple is best. The park, driveway, or storytime at the library or bookstore are the places we go.

She must have been so proud to treat grandpa to lunch. That is fantastic! Have a nice weekend. Try to get those cute little kids to rake your leaves. That is free.