Friday, June 12, 2009


Sarah Palin was on the Today show this morning. I had almost forgotten how obnoxious she is. Matt Lauer started off talking about some government boondoggle project she's promoting with the Canadian government (remember, this is the lady who rails against big government). But then the conversation predictably moved on to the remarks David Letterman made about her when doing his top ten list. Yes, they were insensitive. Yes, they were crude. Yes, they took a shot a Palin, her family and her so-called 'family values' position. But you have to admit they were funny-at least to a sicko like me. And that's exactly who Letterman appeals to-sickos like me. So why should anyone expect him to be Mother Teresa?? Come on, Sarah. Lighten up. Sell your project, close your mouth and go back to Alaska-and please, please, stay there!!!

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Anonymous said...

No Way She Goes Away ... Plus, the crazy right has latched onto this and Letterman can be the next Imus! So ... the moral high ground is awarded to a family with kids named Willow, Bristol, Sparrow, Aardvark ... whatever, and a family that abused the teen pregnancy of their daughter during the campaign and used her out-of-wedlock pregnancy to promote family values and abstinence.