Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Sick (of hearing about Swine Flu!)

It's official. I'm sick of hearing so much about Swine Flu. Doesn't it seem like they're making a whole lot out of what has yet to prove to be the terrifying 'pandemic' some predict? Sure, sure. I suppose it's easy to say since I'm not one of the people who isn't sick but there does seem to be quite a fuss over a disease that has infected only about 150 people out of 300 million. And, granted, it's spreading across the world but it doesn't seem to be worse than any other flu season. I know there's no vaccine for it, but it's like anything else. You stay in bed, drink plenty of liquids, take aspirin or whatever and eventually the vast majority of people get better. There have even been reports that here in the US this particular strain doesn't present in quite the intensity as elsewhere. This morning's paper has a piece about how those gauze masks are flying off of shelves. I just can't picture myself walking around with one of those things on. On top of that, the Centers for Disease Control has issued a statement that those masks don't really do a whole lot-except make you sneeze. Yuk. Picture that. A mask full snot-but not flu! I think everyone needs to relax. Stay out of Mexico, do what Joe Biden says and avoid airplanes and buses and trains, etc., wash your hands and hope for the best. In the meantime, carry on. Oink!

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