Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Official Endorsement

I thought it would be fitting that since this is my 100th blog, I would offer my official endorsement for President of the United States. I realize it's a little late and hundreds or even thousands of you have been anxiously awaiting this, so here it is: Barack Obama.

1) A fresh face. Cool, calculating and very smart. All this talk about 'socialism' is pure crap. He's going to be the president-not a dictator. If you're worried about too much government, worry about Congress-not the president. He can, however, do two important things:
Hand Iraq back to the Iraqi people; restore some sanity to the Supreme Court. That's enough for me.

2) These past few weeks have shown a side of John McCain that is very ugly. We don't want this guy in the oval office. I honestly believe he's a little unbalanced.

3) Do I need to say anything about Sarah Palin? She's the GOP's rendition of Joke of the Week! Go back to Alaska with your $150,000 wardrobe and shoot a moose (sorry, moose).

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