Friday, December 20, 2019

Odds & Ends

1.  I am thoroughly disgusted with Senate republicans who have shown blatant disregard for the country in general and the Constitution in particular.  Their loyalty to the Republican party far exceeds their concern for anything else.  They are pathetic hypocrites.  The real tragedy is the number of ignorant fools who support them.

2.  This blast of cold weather is putting unusual demands on my wood supply.  I thought I had enough on hand for 3 winters.  It's now looking like I'll need more after next season.  The good news is there is wood available around my yard and the furnace has not been running much.

3.  My wife is having anxiety attacks because she doesn't think our spending for the grand children this Christmas has been equal.   I argue that we got them plenty of stuff that they will enjoy so we shouldn't worry.

4. A couple of weeks ago I took a chance and put the bird feeders out.  Sure enough a bear got to them.  He didn't break the feeders or bend the mast they were mounted on though.  All he did was  take the suet.  I put everything back in place and now I put the feeders out in the morning and take them in at night.  Seems to be working well.

5.  I had some work done recently to my truck and was told I need extensive front end work including brakes.  Apparently it isn't unusual for four wheel drive pick ups to experience this.  The estimate for everything was around $3000.  I'm getting a second opinion when we get back from Florida.  The truck is a 2008 with 66 thousand miles on it. It hasn't had a single major problem in all that time so it owes me nothing.  And it's a lot cheaper to fix than a new truck so we'll see.

6.  My 4 year-old three stage Cub Cadet snow blower remains problematical.  The engine is great and when it's working, it does a terrific job.  The problem is with the drive wheels.  I can be going along smoothly only to have it abruptly stop.  I keep trying different speed selections and eventually it continues-but slowly.  Newtown Power Equipment has not been helpful.

That's all for now.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Next stop: Naples, FL. with my daughter and her family.  Back home January 12th in time for tax season. I'll post another piece from Florida.

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