Tuesday, November 26, 2019

FedEx vs UPS

We're approaching that time of year when we'll be seeing more and more delivery service trucks on the road.  Part time drivers are being hired and people are sending more than the usual number of parcels around the country. 

This leads me to make an observation about the two leading companies: FedEx and UPS.  Many people would say one is much like the other.  The difference may be in price.  Not me.  I say there's a vast difference in the quality of service and the skills of the drivers.

Many times I've been traveling on a narrow country road only to be passed by a FedEx truck.  I find UPS drivers generally much more skilled.  I also find UPS drivers to be far more considerate of their customers.  My house is situated at the top of a long, steep driveway.  Very often FedEx drivers leave parcels on the ground somewhere by the road.  Not so UPS.  They always come up or if the driveway hasn't been cleared yet, they park and walk up.  You will never see a FedEx driver doing that.  Also, even if the FedEx driver drives up, he leaves the box in the driveway instead of putting it on the front porch like the UPS driver does. 

The latest example of this was when I recently rec'd a large order from Omaha Steaks.  The box was big and on the heavy side. Usually UPS delivers these parcels but this time it was FedEx.  The driver saw me standing on the front porch but instead of bringing it up to me he left it in the driveway.  I emailed Omaha Steaks and complained and they replied that  from now on they would label all boxes to be left on the porch.  We'll see.  My next step is to contact FedEx customer service and complain to them.  I'm sure it will go nowhere but maybe I'll feel a little better!

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