Friday, April 5, 2019

Recommended Reading

I've read a lot of books about history.  Most of them are historical fiction.  The two major areas of interest are the American civil war and World War II.  Many of the books I've read are from the stand point of military strategy and battle descriptions.  But over the past few years I discovered a collection of books-mostly dealing with World War II-that take another point of view entirely.  Some are from the stand point of German citizens who many people don't realize suffered more than Americans who were safely protected by the Atlantic Ocean.  Others are from the point of view of British citizens and others still from Polish citizens.

All of those nonmilitary people suffered terribly.  So it's important to read about all sides of a war to really understand it.

Here are some of the titles I would strongly recommend for a rounded understanding. They are listed in the order I read them-NOT best to worst:

All the Light We Cannot See-Doerr
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
The Summer Before the War-Helen Simonson
In Farleigh Field: A novel of WWII
Lilac Girls: A Novel (about WWII)
Beneath A Scarlet Sky-Mark Sullivan
Winter Garden-Kristen Hannah (WWII) 
The Ragged Edge of Night-Olivia Hawker
The Zookeeper’s Wife-Diane Ackerman
The Tuscan Child-Rhys Bowen
We Were the Lucky Ones-WW II-Georgia Hunter 

Even if you're not interest in history, these books are great reads.   Worst case scenario, at least you'll be entertained.  Best case scenario, you'll come away with a deep understanding of the suffering and courage of so many people-certainly not just soldiers.

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