Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Two more things

1. Some time ago I posted a rhetorical question (actually not rhetorical since I really wanted an answer to it). The question was "Hey, you republican gubernatorial candidates for CT governor, who do you plan to hurt when you slash or even eliminate the state income tax?

I didn't hear from anyone of course but since then Stefanowski has secured the nomination and I know the answer to the question: everyone-expecially state employees and retired teachers.

Since I'm a retired teacher, I take strong issue with his on-the-record position, to wit "Oh, gee, CT teachers.  Even though for years and years and years the state has cannibalized your pension found, you expect me to do the right thing and honor my obligation???  TOUGH!

So there you have it.  Just one more republican scum bag shafting who ever gets in his way.

Lamont gets my vote.

2.  Today it was revealed that bombs have been sent to the homes of former presidents and some democratic candidates.  Some people are blaming Trump.  Are they right?  Is that fair?  Yes and yes.  Trump has from day one fostered a climate of hatred and intolerance.  He is indirectly but absolutely responsible for things like this.  Impeach him-now.  Failing that VOTE!

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