Saturday, August 4, 2018

Beware the promises

Tis the season.  Campaign season, that is, for upcoming midterm elections including the governor of CT.  From now until election day in November we're going to be bombarded with TV ads and robocalls extolling the virtues of a given candidate while they reveal the mortal sins of their opponents.  And of course along with that come the promises. 

This year there are two democrats vying for the governorship and a whole host of republicans.  The republicans smell blood because outgoing democrat Malloy is one of the most unpopular governors in recent memory so they're expecting a voter backlash.

One of the many promises coming from the republican side is to phase out the state income tax.  That will certainly have broad appeal.  After all, who likes paying taxes?  But I hope voters think it through carefully.  The income tax represents a significant source of revenue.  If that's eventually eliminated, obviously services will also be eliminated.  I hope someone asks the candidates who they plan to hurt when they do this because someone is definitely going to be hurt.  In fact one particular candidate has already put a bull's eye on state employee unions so we know where he's coming from but what about the others?  Police services? Highway maintenance? Teachers' pension/health fund (we've already taken several hits here)? The poor?  Education assistance to towns? All of the above? 

Find out before you jump on the no income tax band wagon.  You might be one of the victims.

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