Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Has your dog trained you?

We don't own a dog anymore but our children's families have dogs and we're often asked to dog sit.  I guess you could say they are our grand dogs so in that sense we kind of do have two dogs.  One is a boxer (Boomer) and the other a yellow lab (Daisy). 

Daisy is our guest this week while her family is on vacation. We tend to treat our grand dogs much like we do our grand children, i.e. we spoil them.

Daisy is one such example. She will probably get more treats this week than in the previous 20. In fact she has me so well trained that I never take her out with a few in my pocket.  They're a great way to keep her in our yard. 

I hope we don't send her home noticeably heavier.  We'll get in trouble!

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