Sunday, October 9, 2016

What to do instead of watching TV

Tired of rotten TV programing? Thoroughly disgusted with the political theater unfolding every day? Longing for a divergence? If yes, then I have a suggestion.  Read Carl Hiaasen's latest book: Razor Girl.

If you've never read Hiaasen before and if you like books with adventure, a solid story line, loony characters and plenty of humor you've got to give him a try.  Buy yourself a Kindle and start downloading some of his past books. 

Start by going to and checking out his titles.  Once I've found an author I like, I  pay little  attention to the reviews but go ahead and take a look at some of them while also reading the synopsis offered by Amazon.

Razor Girl is very much like the others.  A laugh a page and an altogether wild ride. 

A warning though:  There are some graphic parts and there's plenty of profanity so if you're put off by that proceed with caution.

Believe me, once you start reading this book, you'll forget politics!

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