Thursday, October 27, 2016

Follow up-Football

On August 21st I posted a piece regarding my grandsons' new adventure-youth football.  I listed some of the concerns I had regarding this sport for children of all ages and indeed even college and pro players.

I'm happy to report that the boys came through their 8 games in great shape.  They went 6-2 for the season without any significant injuries.  Cole took to the game like a duck to water and in spite of being knocked around a fair amount Nicholas made tremendous progress from  game one to game eight.

In fact the entire team came through unscathed.  I owe this to the diligence and competence of  the coaching staff and the players' parents. 

So it's off to the next sport-basketball to be followed by baseball and then full circle back to football.  Interspersed in all of this is the occasional golf outing with their dad and grandparents.  Notice these guys are not big on soccer.  That's OK.  Brooke is the soccer player in the family and  Courtney has already been trying her hand at field hockey and looking forward to when she can be on a team.

Guess what organized sports I participated in from first grade (no kindergarten for me) to 12th grade.....not a single one.

As Bob Dylan wrote-The times they are a changin'.

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