Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thank God for the Olympics-and other diversions!

Now on day 11 of the Olympics which I've been watching with a great deal of interest.  The bonus is that it's a welcome break from summer reruns, the heat  and politics all of which have been terrible.  (Every time I think Trump can't get any lower he surprises me. Oh well. Only about two and a half more months of it.)  At least the heat should break soon and new programming will kick in next month.

In the mean time we have NetFlix.  We've been hooked on a British series called Midsomer Mysteries.  Good stuff.  If you have NetFlix, try it.

I've also got plenty to ready.  I'm currently reading a book that was written some time ago and I recently discovered the author-Jane Smiley.  She's an excellent writer. The book is Moo.  I just started it and so far it's a very good read.  Try that too.


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