Saturday, July 2, 2016

The world has officially gone crazy!

 From the Military Times website:

"In an historic and controversial move, the Pentagon on Thursday lifted its longstanding ban on transgender troops and began outlining how the military will begin allowing — and paying for — service members to transition, medically and officially, from one gender to another.
Now transgender troops will no longer be considered “medically unfit” for military service. By October, transgender troops may begin an official process to change gender in the military personnel management systems.
The Pentagon will pay for health care support related to gender transition in cases where a military medical doctor determines that is necessary, according to the new policy."

I'm usually very open-minded and tolerant of  individual differences but I have to admit I'm having a problem with this latest development.  I'm trying to picture how exactly this is going to work.

First of all, I admit I wasn't quite clear as to what a transgender is.  I thought it was just a weird person who wants to dress up like the opposite sex.  In actuality it goes much deeper.  Here's the official medical definitiion:
Many people have assumptions about what it means to be transgender, but it isn't about surgery, or sexual orientation, or even how someone dresses. It’s how they feel inside.

So even though you may be born biologically a male or female, if you feel like you're really supposed to be the opposite, then you're a transgender.
Of course this whole topic has been an ongoing issue with many states declaring it legal for transgenders to use which ever restroom they feel comfortable in but until recently it has escaped the military. Hence the above policy.

A lot has changed in the army since I was in over 50 years ago.  At that time only men served in combat units and if you were a homosexual, the policy was to keep it to yourself.  Don't ask. Don't tell.  For the most part everything worked well. So I'm having trouble wondering how they're going to handle a transgender in today's army.

Some questions:
1. If you're a man but think of yourself as a women, would you go in the Women's Army Corps?
2. If you're a man and already in the regular army but think of yourself as a woman do you have a separate latrine or are they going to switch you over?
3. How's all this going to work in combat situations?  It could get complicated.
4. Will uniforms be tailored to your particular sexual preference or will everyone still have to wear the same uniform?

I'm sure the army has thought all this through very carefully (yeah, right!) but frankly I'm glad I served when I did.  No confusion.  Men were men.  Women were women. How you 'felt' inside was irrelevant. Period.

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