Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Give it up, Bernie

This is the first post of a political nature since last year. That in itself is quite noteworthy. With this political season being one of the nastiest in this nation's history, I vowed to avoid the topic but now it's time to offer an opinion on the current state of the presidential race.

Bernie, get out! You made a valiant run at it; you gave democrats a choice but you never really offered a position on the issues much different from Hillary's except to say there should be 'free' medicare for all and 'free' public school college education for those who want it. 

Therein is where you are seriously flawed: there's no such thing as free.  Someone has to pay.  I fear it would be me!

Now it's time for you to humble yourself and throw your support to Hillary because it's absolutely vital to this nation's well-being that one of the most dangerous men on earth not become president of this great country.  So do the right thing.  Support Hillary.

Thus endth my rant.  Fair warning: there may be one-maybe two-posts of a political nature between now and the end of the year. 

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