Monday, April 11, 2016

Miss Daisy

It's vacation week in the local schools.  Pete, Jen & the boys are off to Puerto Rico. Mike, Becky & the girls are off to Jamaica.  Sandi is still working long hours making the world safe from the IRS.  So that leaves just me and Daisy to fend for ourselves.

Daisy is a one-year-old yellow lab.  She's the sweetest dog you'd ever want to have...but, she's still very young.  That means very early mornings, exercise periods and dog proofing the house.

Dog proofing is quite a challenge. It's similar to child proofing when yours or someone's very young children are at your house. For kids you do it for their safety.  Dog proofing is to keep everything else safe.  Things like pens, pads, slippers, shoes, coasters, books, pretty much anything light enough for a fairly strong dog to grasp in its mouth and chew until it's unrecognizable.  Even electrical cords are fair game.  Thank God she outgrew that particular phase.  When we first sat for her I had the presence of mind to unplug various lamps and gadgets.  Good thing too because on one particular occasion I discovered a plug laying in the middle of the living room floor which had come from a nearby lamp.

Another challenge is keeping her in our yard.  We have over two acres but she still likes to wander into the neighbor's yard and explore.  She also likes to chase squirrels but of course she doesn't know where the property lines are.

At first I walked her around on a leash and when she started to go toward another yard, I would give a good yank to keep her on our property.  That actually seems to have worked but better still is the pocketful of treats I always have with me so when I yell 'come' or 'treat' she comes flying back from wherever she was, sits in front of me and gazes anxiously at me with her big brown eyes.

Like I said, she's a sweetie.  But she's also like having a toddler in the house again.  Becky & her family will be home Sunday.  I'm sure when Daisy returns home, it will be like when the grand kids go home.  Quiet and peaceful. Too quiet and too peaceful.  Fortunately none of them are far off.
Time to go.  Daisy needs her walk.  At least I'm getting exercise too!

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