Monday, December 28, 2015

Here comes winter

The first significant winter weather event of the season is forecast for tomorrow.  They are calling for sleet and freezing rain changing over to rain.  The morning commute will be a mess.  Thus far it has been the warmest December on record but it's looking like that will end. 

I'm ready with an ample supply of wood, calcium chloride and if necessary a snow blower.  My generator is charged and gassed up as well. 

Finally, I've located the ice cleats that Becky bought for me a couple of years ago in case the driveway is covered in ice and I need to spread around the calcium chloride.  I've already used them several times and they work perfectly.

We leave for Florida on New Year's Day and returning the 10th so we get a little break from the cold but after that it's hello winter.  Let's hope Mother Nature is a little easier on us this year.  The past few years have been brutal.

My next post will be from Florida!

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