Friday, August 21, 2015

Random Thoughts

1. We're at that point in summer time when camps are over but school hasn't started yet.  This means that baby sitting duties pick up a bit.  This is a good thing, since I like spending time with the kids.  My web site shows how we've been spending some of that time.  Check it out:

2. I got an email yesterday notifying me that a message is waiting for me from one of my doctors. I go to three doctors on a regular basis and they all have web sites where you can go to see messages, appointments, lab results, medical profile information, etc.  There's quite a bit of very personal medical information along with medicare account information on these sites.

All this led me to wonder about the security of the sites.  You hear all the time about hackers getting into data bases of hundreds of thousands of people and stealing their information.  I'm not sure what anyone would do with my medical data.  There's no credit card information and I don't take prescription narcotics so it's pretty much useless.  Actually they might have access to my social security number but I'm not sure.  Still, one wonders.....

3. I'm officially sick of the political season, yet it's just started.  I'll be doing a lot of DVRing.....

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