Saturday, February 28, 2015

Attention-Parents (and grand parents)

You know all that effort you've been putting into screening TV programs for safe viewing for your children?  Well, don't think once you've approved the program you're safe.  Now you need to worry about  the commercials.

For example consider the new reality TV program I saw advertised recently on a so-called safe program.  Fortunately none of my grand children were here to see it.  It's called 'Sex Box'.  It's a program that deals with solving couples' marital problems by putting them in an area where they...well, you can guess.

Can you believe it?  The program itself is on another station but the commercial for it is bad enough.

Best bet?  Sign on to Netflix or Amazon Prime or some other streaming service where you can stream safe, commercial free programs.

Here's an even better idea:  turn off the TV.

What happened to good old Mr. Ed and cornflakes commercials??

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