Saturday, January 24, 2015

Post State of the Union

Well the State of the Union address is over and I described it perfectly.  But for entertainment value you just had to see the piece Jon Stewart did on The Daily Show regarding the republican response.

First there wasn't just one response because as we know the republican party is seriously fragmented.  So the lead off speech was a boring, ho-hum monologue by some main stream rep from one of the midwestern states.  It was a real snoozer.

But that wasn't enough. Next up were three (that's right, three) more speeches by various members of the tea party branch.  The last-and best- one was Texas senator Ted Cruz who flubbed his lines and walked away from the camera. 

Idiots...all of them.  And the hell of it is, they're now running the House and Senate.  The moronic voters who put them there deserve what they get, but why do I have to suffer along with them?  God help us.

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