Sunday, January 4, 2015

Naples, Florida, where the sun's out and it's 80 degrees.

Well, here we are at our condo in Naples. We got in Friday afternoon after a one hour delay leaving Hartford. 

Some woman on the plane decided to take her frustration out on the flight attendants but they handled it very well.  Personally, I would have slugged the obnoxious witch but I guess the airline frowns on mistreating passengers.  It's OK to mistreat the flight attendants though, right?  As though they were responsible for the delay.

After picking up the car at the rental place we proceeded immediately to  Naples Urgent Care  where I sat for two hours waiting for someone to tell me what I already knew I had-conjunctivitis, aka pink eye.  It started Thursday afternoon, got worse at the hotel Thursday night and was a mess by the time we got up Friday morning.   I was prescribed eye drops which dramatically improved it by yesterday morning.

It's back home on the 14th and I hope the weather cooperates.

More later.

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