Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Word About Torture

The debate rages.  Conservatives and former Bush administration officials support the use of enhanced interrogation techniques (torture) to obtain information. Others oppose the use of torture citing the facts that it rarely works and that we as a civilized nation should be above that.

At the moment the official policy is the United States does not torture. Period.

The recently released report that the CIA lied and that we did in fact use torture has Congress all riled up.  Here's the thing:  it's old news. There's nothing new here.  So why is the media making so much of this?  And especially puzzling is why would the press pull out and dust off a deranged lunatic like Dick Cheney and put him in front of a camera where he can rant and rave his insane opinions?

I guess this is a really slow news cycle. 

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