Thursday, September 18, 2014

The demise of the wallet?

Corresponding with the release of the latest iPhone, The Today Show ran a piece suggesting the demise of the wallet.  It seems the iPhone is now configured in some way to allow its users to pay for things thus eliminating the need to carry both cash and credit cards.

Several men were interviewed and the overwhelming majority agreed they stopped carrying wallets a long time ago.

In light of this I decided to take inventory of my wallet to see what I could do without.  Here's what I have:
1. Some cash, two credit cards and a blank check.
2. My drivers license
3. My Medicare and Medicare supplement cards
4. My dental care card
5. My CVS Caremark card
6. My organ donor card
7. Two lists of my medications
8. Several small pieces of paper with passwords and PINs on them
9. A list of important phone numbers
10. My AARP membership card
11. My Audubon membership card
12. Four pictures-one for each of my grand children
13. My Stop & Shop discount card
14. My Allstate insurance card
15. A few of my wife's and son's business cards

That's about it.  Can I do without most of these on a daily basis.  Sure but then I'd have to remember to get those I do need from time to time and that's not going to happen.  So for now I guess I'll hold on to my wallet. 

Sorry, iPhone.  Maybe next year.

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