Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A (minor) dilemma

I try very hard to support local businesses.  I buy what I need as long as it's available from Newtown businesses.

But I have to say they don't make it easy.  After I cleaned the driveway from last night's storm, I went to Newtown Hardware to buy bags of rock salt.  It costs about $8 for a 50-pound bag.  I was told by the young lady waiting on me that it would cost $20 a bag.  I expressed my surprise and pointed out that I just bought some for $8.  She replied that that was for salt.  She was giving me Calcium Chloride.  She said they're the same. 

The teacher in me of course had to give her a fast mini lesson but it didn't matter. I learned that Newtown Hardware won't be supplying ordinary rock salt for the rest of the winter. 

So now should I spring for the more expensive alternative or go to Agway or Home Depot for the stuff I originally wanted.

I needed something now so I sprang for 3 bags but  there's enough of a cost differential to justify going elsewhere next time.  Too bad.  They couldn't give me a satisfactory answer to why they won't be carrying it. 

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