Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty and the History Channel

Did you hear about the controversy swirling around the Duck Dynasty patriarch and his comments regarding homosexuality?  It seems the History Channel has deemed the remarks too controversial and they've removed him from the show.  The rest of the family along with many vocal supporters of the show have expressed their outrage over the decision.  As it stands now, the future of the program is very much in doubt.

First of all, I do not watch this show.  I have heard of it and I know it has a strong following-principally in the south and midwest.

The whole thing brings to mind a number of questions.  First, what on earth do people find entertaining about a family who makes duck calls and preaches bigotry and exclusion? 

Second, and more fundamentally, what on earth is happening to the History Channel?  Between Duck Dynasty, God, Guns and Automobiles, Pawn Stars (which I do watch from time to time) and a whole host of other similar shows I think the History Channel has lost its way.

I used to watch the History Channel more often before it turned to 'reality programming'.  It used to be much more informative with shows that were, well, history.  I guess some programming director somewhere has determined that there are more reality show fans than there are old people like me who actually enjoy learning about history.

I think the trend is unfortunate but not surprising.  All of television is going in this direction.  Thank goodness for books-enjoy them while we still have them.

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