Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shutdown...sort of

October. Usually a great month.  Family birthdays, beautiful colors, cool nights and warm days, Halloween.  There's lots to like about October...unless you're a politician or someone who needs to buy health insurance and trying to make sense out of Obamacare.  If you're in one of those two groups, you're not feeling too happy at the moment.

Last night at midnight with no deal in sight, the federal government stopped functioning.  Well, not completely.  If you're a Congressman you'll still get paid.  Senior citizens and military personnel will also continue to get paid.  But there will be hundreds of thousands-maybe even millions-of people who will not get paid and most federal departments will be closed.

This is happening because there are a handful of republican congressmen who can't stand Pres. Obama and the way they're going to show that is to try to gut the Affordable Health Care Act.  It has nothing to do with socialism or socialized medicine.  That's a lie they're spreading to whip up public support for the real reason-Get Obama!

Here's the thing-if you're one of those people who is actually afraid of government control of your health care, consider the following points:
1. Unlike what would happen with a private insurance HMO, you will still be able to choose your own doctor.
2. You and your doctor will be in charge of the medicine you take.
3. You and your doctor will still be able to choose the hospital you want.
4. No one from the government will be telling you where, when or how to make your health care decisions.
5. Pre-existing conditions have no impact on your ability to get insurance.
6.  If you are with an insurance HMO, none of this is true.  The HMO will be in charge of your health decisions.

And you still say you trust a private health insurance company more than government insurance like Medicare?  Than you're stupid and there's no hope for you.

Mercifully, my next blog piece will probably not be on this topic and perhaps a little more upbeat unless I run across something else that annoys me. 

Have a great October and to learn more about the month, click here georgeswebpage.com/almanac.

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