Friday, May 3, 2013

Get a tat yet?

Here we are at our condo in sunny Naples, FL for Sandi's post tax season meltdown. We got here last Saturday and we'll be here until  the 9th of May. Mike, Becky and the girls had been here this whole time also but returned home today.

As usual Florida is alive with the colors of blooming flowers and bright clothing.  And there's one more thing you can see in great abundance-especially at the beach.  Tattoos.  Lots and lots of tattoos.

Sitting in a chair, people watching at the beach can be very entertaining.  I've seen people-men and women-with just about every conceivable type of tattoo, whether they be a small butterfly or nearly all body.

For some odd reason I can't quite get used to women with tattoos.  They just don't seem to belong.  Yet there they are.

Here's another thing you'll see along with the tattoos.  Obesity.  Not just a little chubby.  I mean very fat people.  Combine this with the tattoos and you have a very, well, disgusting picture.

Fortunately, there are more positives things than negatives at the beach so I guess we'll keep going back.

In the meantime, think twice about getting that tat.

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