Thursday, March 28, 2013

And it continues

More depressing news today.  The state police released details of what they found as a result of search warrants of the Lanza home.

Among those things found were thousands of rounds of ammunition, weapons, unlocked gun safes including one in the deranged shooter's bedroom, a gift certificate from Lanza's mother to him for the purchase of yet another firearm, tons of computer stuff, and the list goes on and on.

Was this psycopath's mother paying any attention at all?  How could you live in the same house with someone--your child no less--and not have an inkling that there just might be something a tad wrong?  Did she care?  Was she too preoccupied with her own problems?

Like all of the other victims, she met a terrible fate but one has to wonder: had she been just a little more cognizant of what was going on in her son's head, perhaps things could have turned out differently.

And, finally, what if the ban on assault weapons had been renewed during the Bush administration?  What then?


Anonymous said...

If there was a ban on "assault weapons" you would have had the same result as what happened.

George Stockwell said...

What an idiotic remark!! Had the lunatic not had access to an assault weapon there'd be more children alive today. What's happened to common sense in this country?

Anonymous said...

It could be said that your original post and your obvious lack of knowledge on the subject of firearms and Connecticut's firearm laws. The firearm that Nancy Lanza purchased conformed to the 1994 assault weapons ban which Connecticut put into effect in 1993 and still has in effect.

An "assault weapon" as you put it functions exactly the same as any other semi-auto firearm. The only differences are comedic in nature.

I ask you, what laws so far proposed in Connecticut will stop the next "Sandy Hook"?

I completely agree with you on "What's happened to common sense in this country?"

George Stockwell said...

The link I've provided below is in my view a well stated position on the issue.