Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An observation regarding computers

I have two email accounts: one for Charter and one at GMail. 

My Charter email is for mostly for personal or business purposes.  The GMail one is for internet subscriptions to various electronic publications and some internet purchases.

Between the two I get somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 to 70 messages a day.  The majority are in the form of spam on gmail which automatically goes into a spam folder.

So here's the observation:  more and more of my personal emails from friends and such are labeled sent from an iPhone or iPad. 

I heard some technogeek a little while ago predict that the age of the desktop or even laptop computer is drawing to a close because so many people use their smart phones or tablet computers.  Maybe he's right.  I find I myself even reply to a lot of emails with my iPad.  Yet I also use my desktop computer for just about everything else.  The keyboard is easier to use and the screen is easier to read plus I have more productivity applications on it.

It will be interesting to watch the trend develop.

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