Saturday, June 9, 2012

A busy few days

This has been a very busy week. 

Monday and Tuesday were normal with babysitting and volunteer stuff but Wednesday I had to be at Pete's early because he had a meeting.  The day began with the boys at 7 A.M. and ended at about 5:15 P.M.

Thursday I spent the afternoon with Courtney searching for slugs in the garden.  We found a lot of them and deposited them in a container she had for them.

Then  Courtney & I got Brooke off the bus.  Brooke did her homework and we ate an early dinner after which I drove them to their T Ball game.

Given the fact that I tend to dislike activities that are not organized properly, it was a little annoying.  There were kids running all over, getting in the way of the on-deck batter and generally not quite as orderly as usual.  At the end of the game one of the girls was running around doing cartwheels and managed to kick Brooke in the face.  On that unhappy note we went home only to have Courtney become very upset with me for not letting her finish what I thought was a complete sentence.  Poor Becky came home to a rather confused mess.

Friday was calmer but equally busy.  Blood work and yard work in morning, a dreadful round of golf in the afternoon but a pleasant evening with our friends.

Today (Saturday) it's work on the pool, go to Cole's preschool graduation and the girls' recital tonight.

Tomorrow it's off to Becky's in the afternoon for a while.

Monday it all starts over again.

It may be busy but it's all good stuff and it's better than sitting around wondering what to do.

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