Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Saga of the Leak: Part Two

Our warranty company sent out a plumber who cut a small hole in the ceiling and confirmed that it was coming from the unit upstairs. He said the water had to be turned off to the toilet as soon as possible.  The guy who lives there wasn't home so I called the management company.   The contacted the owners of record who are in another state somewhere and speak very poor english.  The lady couldn't understand what the management company lady was talking about.  A leak?  Impossible.  They just had new faucets put in.  The conversation must have been hilarious.  Anyway, management company sent out a plumber of their own to confirm and he did.  I wrote a note with the plumber's card and was just about to tape it to the door of the upstairs unit when the son pulled in.  I introduced myself and explained the problem.  He was very nice but didn't have a clue as to what to do so I went up, turned off the water and noted that it was actually the tank that was leaking, not the seal.  There was a large pool of water around the base of the toilet bowl and that's what was slowly leaking through the floor to our ceiling.  Anyway, today it's still dripping but much more slowly so it should be OK by the time our two-day guests get here.  Also, the property management company will arrange for the repair of all damage.  Cool.

So that's it for now.   Another day in paradise.

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