Monday, March 5, 2012


What's so great about pajamas?

Whenever my grand daughters stay over one of the things they most look forward to is getting in their jammies with grammy and watching a movie while eating their favorite dessert.

Now it seems this has caught on with my two grand sons.

The last few times that I've been at my son and daughter-in-law's house baby sitting for four-year-old Cole and two-year-old Nicholas they've been in their jammies. This is usually because my son has a lot to do in the morning so he doesn't have time to get them dressed. But when I try, they want nothing to do with it. They'd rather hang out in their pajamas. So unless we're going outside to play or we have an errand to run, jammies it is!

Then several hours later (5 p.m. or so) their mom comes home and there they are in their jammies.

Is this not a good thing? They're comfortable and active all day so, frankly, I don't see the harm buy as warmer weather nears and they want to go outside, street clothes it is!

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Unknown said...

Hi, George,
Sometimes I stay in my jammies until 10 (AM not PM).
They are comfortable, warm, and best of all they are red and have Tinkerbell all over them (and are onezes)! I bought them to wear at Patty's and the grandkids really got a kick out of them.