Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back to being a student

I recall during my teaching days that I used to emphasize over and over again that my students could expect to be and should be life-long learners.

No one knows everything and in a changing world there's always something to be learned.

I don't just pay lip-service to that advice. I follow it myself.

Last night was the first class of an Adult Ed course I started on photography--a skill I hope to develop (excuse the pun).

I'm not only interested in photography. I also know I could be doing it better. I have an iPhoto library of about 2400 pictures and at least half of them could be much better shots.

The camera I have can be used in either auto mode where I do nothing or manual mode where I configure all of the settings as I see fit.

As I learned last night, my camera isn't a particularly good one--but it's good enough--for now.

This is about my 6th Adult Ed class. I've taken other classes on landscape architecture, Adobe PhotoShop and web design skills.

I've also taught Adult Ed--or as it's now fittingly called "Continuing Education".

It's a great, no pressure, inexpensive way to learn new things.

I've posted many pictures I've taken on my web site (georgeswebpage.com). There will be more. Check them out.

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