Monday, July 18, 2011

A busy weekend

July 15 thru 17 was a very busy period for the Stockwell household.

Grandma & Grandpa hosted Cole & Nicholas for 3 days while their mom and dad, Pete & Jen, went to a wedding in Buffalo (which Peter grumbled about for several days).

When they returned Sunday evening, Mike & Becky and the girls were here.

The girls wanted to play with the boys and Mike helped me put longer poles around the garden so the fenced could be made higher.

It seems the deer have figured out a way in so it was time for a new plan.

They ate most of the lettuce, some of the squash and cukes.

I'm hoping to salvage the rest.

And now, Monday morning, it's off to do grocery shopping with the girls.

Why is it I always seem to spend more money when they go with me?

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