Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey! Let's Burn A Book!

Did you hear about the Florida based World Outreach Center's plans to burn Qurans to commemorate the September 11th attacks?

Isn't that a great idea?

Boy, we'll sure show those terrorists, won't we? Never mind that book burning is completely contrary to Christian ideals. Never mind that the Constitution of the United States allows for freedom of expression-be it written or oral. Never mind that the Koran is the 'bible' of a very large religious group the vast majority of which are peaceful, caring people. Never mind common sense and rational thought.

Never mind any of that. Let's just celebrate the destruction of ideas and the beliefs of others through violence and narrow minded rants.

Boy, we'll show them! Unfortunately what we'll be showing them is that we're a pack of idiots and hypocrites.

The lunatic fringe strikes again. God help us.

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately, as the population grows so does the number of lunatics in that population.

When we had the lunatic fringe show up for the funeral of Dylan Reid I looked them up on the web. The people of the Westborrough Baptist Church are freaky!
They are more like the Westborrough Church of Hate!

I can not understand that kind of ignorance!

(Don't you just love the verification words? Today's is disalimo! I wonder just how one can "dis" or disrespect a limo? "Hey, yo mama got dirty hubcaps!")