Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Home

By the end of the day today we will be the proud owners of a fully furnished, three bedroom condo in Naples, FL. It is in a gated community and has a community club house and two community pools. It's about 40 minutes from FT Myers Airport and 15 minutes to the nearest beach. It will be primarily a vacation home for friends and family so we have no plans to rent it. In fact our kids have already determined that we'll have Thanksgiving there this year. We're going there in July to buy a few things for it and get it closed up for the summer. Then we'll return in November. We're not sure of the other times that we'll be going there but we do know that this will be pretty much our only vacation spot from now on. The reason we did this is because Sandi has always wanted a warm place to go to from time to time. When she's retired we'll be able to spend more time there during our winters. Also, the kids and grand children love the area and there's plenty to do. I have absolutely no desire to live in Florida year-round. In fact I don't really want to spend an entire winter there. I like New England and I don't really mind winters--yet. But, who knows, that may change over the coming years as I get too old to handle a 250 foot long inclined driveway during snow storms. For now it's a place where all or some of us can go to for a little sunshine and salt water. Plus, after going to a friend's condo in the same area for the last four years and looking around each time, it's my opinion and that of others that the market in that particular region of Florida has definitely bottomed out and it is now rebounding. So, if nothing else, this should turn out to be a good investment. Here is a link to my website with some pictures: http://georgeswebpage.com/condopics

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