Monday, February 15, 2010

Enough Already!

There's nothing worse (well, almost nothing!) than getting up, turning on GMA or The Today Show and seeing this sour puss on the screen. Gas Bag Number 1 is back-spewing his hostility and venom all over the air waves and newspapers. This time he's sparring with Joe Biden who in my view showed remarkable restraint. If I were Biden, here's what I would have said to this bum:
"Look, it's time you crawled back in your hole and stayed there. You of all people have one hell of a nerve criticizing Obama's administration. You, Junior and Karl Rove presided over the most destructive, damaging administration in the history of this country. I can't begin to list all the ways you hurt this country. It's too long. Suffice it to say we're going to be a long time setting things right so go back to Wyoming or where ever the hell it is you're from, crawl into a prairie dog hole and disappear. Let the rest of us get on with the work at hand."

I would have added one more thing: "Message to the media (with of course the exception of Faux News)-Stop giving this guy a forum for his crap. We're sick of it. There are other things going on!"

I don't see why Joe Biden didn't say all this in so many words. What's the problem? Lord knows he's capable of saying pretty much anything.

Thus endth my rant for the day!

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gael lynch said...

Amen, brother. Joe B. did say that GB can't rewrite history, which is absolutely 100% what he's trying to do. Those eight years were all about spin, but history, thank God, will write itself. I just want to live long enough to be able to laugh about some of this stuff, but for right now? Enough is right!