Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time Passages

Six years ago today our first grand child Brooke was born. The picture you see is one of many I had stapled all over my office walls. I'm sure students and staff who came in to see me about something were somewhat overwhelmed at first but that's what being a grand parent is all about. Now Brooke is in kindergarten, reading, playing sports and other activities and growing and learning more every day. She has a sister and two cousins who are starting to do the same things she and our children have been through. As expected they're taking slightly different routes and at different speeds but we're blessed in that they're all bright, healthy kids with unique personalities. It seems every time one of my children or grand children has a birthday I find myself reflecting on the passage of time and the various events and milestones along the way. It's been an interesting journey to say the least. There have been more than a few times when I've been tempted to sit down and say 'woe is me' and lapse into self pity. But fortunately it doesn't take long for me to realize how stupid that is because as I consider things right this minute, I know I've been extraordinarily lucky. This is especially true when we take the time to reflect on the problems other people we know have had. The key is to stop whining, put your head up and keep going. So on that cheerful note, happy birthday, Brooke. You've made your grand mother and me extremely happy. You've got many, many great years in front of you. Buckle your seatbelt. It's going to be a great trip.

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