Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Happy New Year. And now the 2nd decade of the 21st century has begun. The last 10 years were nothing less than extraordinary. The highlight of course was 9/11 but there was plenty of other note worthy stuff: A prolonged war-in the wrong place; eight years of a presidential team that proved to be more damaging than any other pair of elected officials-ever; one of the worse recessions in history; and finally, the election of a president who promised hope, change and cooperation. President Obama has completed one year of his term. For reasons partly not his own, it has been generally disappointing. His call for cooperation in tackling the tough issues and cleaning up the historic mess handed him was laughed at by his opponents. Republican members of congress have demonstrated clearly that their agenda is to object and oppose. Unfortunately, they have no interest whatever in the good of the country.

On a personal level this past decade has been equally eventful. Sandi and I welcomed into our family a son-in-law and daughter-in-law and four beautiful grand children. While Sandi's career continues to roll on, my life changed a great deal with retirement and some now resolved health issues. While the years 2000-2009 were very difficult in many ways, I can look back and see much to be thankful for.

And now on to 2010. Here are my predictions:
1. The economy will continue to improve. With the exception of occasional adjustments the stock market will continue to recover. Unemployment will go down, confidence will return and we will slowly work our way out of this very destructive recession. By the way, this is precisely what President Obama predicted.
2. The war in Afghanistan will continue to grind on. The US and its allies are facing an enemy who has been deeply entrenched for thousands of years but we have no choice. As long as they continue to commit atrocious acts of terror against the rest of us, we must resist.
3. The US political climate will change. The mainstream electorate is fed up. I predict the elections later this year will result in many incumbents losing their reelection bids. This in turn will result in a shift in power in congress. We may very well end up with a republican controlled house and/or senate. I don't think it will be a huge majority but enough to make Obama's second two years very difficult. All of this will result in continued bickering, posturing and general political stagnation. In other words not a whole hell of a lot is going to get done. There are those who would consider this a good thing.

On a personal level I predict a great 2010. More time with family & continued good health. I hope you, dear reader, have a good 2010 too.

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Anonymous said...

Good Summary; On-Target Predictions; Continued Good Health!